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New Huston Search Finds No Fresh Clues

National organization descends on Spartanburg

Alison Storm

News Channel 7

Monday, March 14, 2005


Spartanburg detectives will sit down with the National Search Director of Klass Kids to see what step they'll take next in the search for Tamika Huston. Two days of looking for new clues came up with no new leads in the search for the missing Spartanburg woman.

Lt. Steve Lamb, with Spartanburg Public Safety, tells The Herald-Journal that police have one suspect so far, and he's in custody on unrelated charges. He said police have talked with the suspect multiple times. "Evidence continues to build on this individual," Lamb tells the H-J. "Since he's in custody several more months, we're taking our time to build a strong case against him."

Sixteen search and rescue dogs hunted for clues or evidence. The teams came from states like Maryland, Georgia and Louisiana as part of the Klaas Kids Foundation. Brad Dennis, who heads up Search Operations, said over the weekend "we're very confident. If she's out here I believe that if we're given the right area, given the right conditions, we should be able to find her."

The teams cover everywhere from thick woods to community parks. The Klaas Kids Foundation says they have two of the country's best water search dogs here to help. They can pick up scents just by walking along the shore or from a boat in the middle of the lake. They'll search the lake in Cleveland Park and one in Duncan Park which is just blocks from Tamika's home.

Whether the clue sits at the bottom of a lake or seven feet underground these dogs can find it. But strong winds hinder their search. "As these gusts come up it actually hampers the dogs," says Dennis. "As the wind shifts they have to actually shift their search area and come at it in a different direction."

Success for these volunteers means finding any new information to help investigators. "Tamika deserves to be found," says Dennis. "The family deserves to know what's happened to Tamika." And Magnolia will keep her nose to the ground looking for answers.

Reporting by Alison Storm, Herald-Journal

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