Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) is a volunteer canine search and recovery organization dedicated to providing agencies with with highly trained canines and handlers to assist in the recovery of missing persons.



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Teams we have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with:

  1.  Mason-Dixon Rescue Dogs

Other search teams:

  1. Connecticut Canine SAR (CCSAR)

  2. Louisiana SAR Dog Team (LaSAR)

  3. Maryland Task Force 2 (MDTF-2)

Recommended SAR Instructors

  1. Andy Rebmann & Marcia Koenig: K-9 Specialty Search Associates,  Author of the "Cadaver Dog Handbook"

  2. Lisa Higgins & Dee Wild 

  3. Country Class Canines (HRD evaluations)

Other important links

  1. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

  2. North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA)

  3. Law Enforcement Training Specialists International, Inc (LETS)

Pet/SAR dog portraits & Custom Vehicle Crates and Drawer Systems

  1. Pet Portraits by Gamble McCown "Gamble McCown creates custom pastel portraits of beloved pets and other animals." (Gamble who was active in Maryland SAR with her GSD, Tucker, did this true to life portrait of TJ and Cassy.)

  2. Sam Balsam of Performance Designs creates custom steel (or aluminum) dog crate/cage/boxes based on your vehicle and specific design requests.  He also builds custom vehicle sliding drawer storage systems

Recommended Canine Trainers

  1.   Kirby Hill at Creature Comfort Inn (Strasburg, VA)

  2.   Chuck Lerner at Terrapin K9 (Bel Air, MD)    

  3.   Kathryn Malcolm  (Frederick, MD)        

Other organizations and businesses of interest that have generously supported BARC:

  1. AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) Canine Support & Relief Fund

  2. AKC ACE Awards

  3. The Land of Pure Gold Working Dog Cancer Grant (dedicated page to Alley)

  4. Search and Rescue Assist

  5. Reflective Plate - Artwerkz

  6. The Hungry Puppy (Farmingdale, NJ)

  7. Tracker Boats at the Bass Pro Shops in Arundel Mills Mall (MD)

  8. Brick Town Veterinary Hospital (NJ)

  9. Tiana Guinard, licensed animal acupuncturist in Annapolis, MD 410-279-8792

  10. Cars4Charities


Breed Rescue Links

Several BARC members are also active in breed rescue clubs as often the best SAR dogs are not the best pets due to their intelligence and activity level demands.  We try to educate the public about the breeds we use and support those who dedicate their lives to helping save dogs who have found themselves on hard times or need a new forever home.


Belgian Malinois Rescue 

Breeder Links

BARC has a new addition from Maranatha Farm Kennels in Maine.  Penta came from their Started Dog Program that has produced amazing working dogs for several years.  She is fun to work and show fantastic abilities in searching and agility that will help her have a successful career in the field.  By 15 months old she has already certified with CCC, NAPWDA, & LETS!  At 25 months, she passed her SUSAR FSA test too.

Missing Pets

Often we are contacted about a missing pet.  As a SAR team we only search for missing persons at the request of an official agency.  In recent years, several persons and groups have formed to meet this growing demand of searching for missing pets.  If you have a lost pet and would like an experienced pet searcher - one Maryland handler's contact information can be found at