Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) is a volunteer canine search and recovery organization dedicated to providing agencies with with highly trained canines and handlers to assist in the recovery of missing persons.


TJ: December 1989 - October 2005

TJ, short for Thomas Jefferson, was my first dog.  He was to just be my hiking partner, but he soon taught me that dogs' noses are far superior at searching for lost people and evidence then any human. 

I was skeptical but he proved it to me time after time when I hid articles where there was 'no way' he could find them, but he did.  However, he decided he'd rather be my best buddy then a dedicated SAR dog.  Then again, if only I knew then what I know now about training dogs, maybe he would have been the consistent SAR dog I hoped he would be.  He was fantastic when he wanted to be, other times, he was too busy enjoying life.  He lived life to the fullest and happy all the way through his 16 years with me.  He was my best companion, my protector, and taught all the later pups how to be confident on agility.  It was not unusual to find TJ 'missing' when walking near culverts as he loved to crawl through them and often went caving with me.  There wasn't anything he couldn't climb, tunnel through, or walk the edge of even the narrowest of obstacles.  Not only did he win my heart, he won the heart of my dad and opened the door for the rest of the herd to work their way into his heart as well.  If only we humans could all be as wise, confident, adaptable, and happy as TJ, we would be better for it.